Central Florida Surgical Center 

Dr. Richard Dumois 
West Orlando Medical Plaza
11140 West Colonial Drive, Suite 3
Ocoee, Florida  34761   

Phone:  (407) 656-2700
Fax:  (407) 656-2725

Business Hours:  Monday through Friday  6:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.

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Why Choose a Surgery Center?

When patients schedule their procedures at an outpatient surgery center, also called an ambulatory surgical center (ASC), the experience is usually much more convenient, personal, and more cost effective than at a larger facility, such as a hospital.

Since the Central Florida Surgical Center focuses on a limited number of procedures, most patients find that it is much easier to navigate than a typical hospital environment.  The center offers a waiting room, surgical suite, and recovery room all in one convenient location.   

We see patients for colonoscopies and upper endoscopies only.  In fact, if a patient is ill, the appointment is usually rescheduled at a later date, lowering the opportunity for someone else's illness to become yours in an ASC.

Since the surgical center does not have the financial overhead of a surgical facility that offers a range of procedures and emergency surgery, our ASC is typically able to perform your procedure at the same high level of care with the same specialized attention but at a lower cost.


However, please be advised that ambulatory surgical centers do have some restrictions.  It will be necessary to schedule your procedure at a larger surgical facility, i.e., Dr. P. Phillips Hospital, if any of the following conditions exist:

  • patient currently has a pacemaker
  • patient has a life-threatening condition requiring post-operative ventilation
  • patient weighs more than 300 pounds
  • patient is in a wheelchair and cannot stand up or walk a minimal distance 

Due to the anesthesia administered during the procedure, all patients are restricted from driving for 23 hours following the procedure.  Therefore, it is necessary that each patient have a driver who accompanies him/her on this day.  The driver will be expected to stay in the waiting room while the procedure is being performed.  Patients who arrive by bus or who arrive without a driver will not have the procedure until a driver is present.  If a driver is not available on the day of your procedure, outside transportation services can be used (public bus transportation is not allowed).  Please contact Barbara at our office (407) 395-7040 ext 1503 to discuss these arrangements prior to the day of your procedure.