Our Staff

Left to right: Lynette, Lydenis, Tina, Dr. Dumois, Barbara, and Lisa

Our staff is specially trained to coordinate patient care and ensure that all of your medical needs are met, making our practice the right choice for patients with digestive problems.

Each member of our staff promises to provide competent, individualized care in a professional, respectful, and caring way.  We recognize each other as valuable members of a healthcare team and treat one another with loyalty, respect, and dignity while building trusted relationships with our patients and working together to improve our patients’ quality of care and overall experience.

Lydenis – ext 1500 - Receptionist/Appointments/Records and Referrals
Lisa – ext 1501 - Office Manager
Lynette – ext 1502 - Medical Assistant/Prescriptions
Barbara – ext 1503 - Medical Assistant/Procedure Scheduler